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Congratulation for our company to participate in the 15th Food Ingredients China 2011(FIC2011) and obtain the complete success.
   Edit:   Click:2530  Date:2011-04-18 
The 15th Food Ingredients China 2011(FIC2011) was held grandly at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Centre(SECEC) from March 23 to 25, 2011. Our company, one of the participation units, has demonstrated the Monascus color series and its natural blended colorants as our leading products.
This exhibition made the very good progress, has received the domestic and foreign customer’s high praise. During this exhibition period, many customers from Japan, Russia and South Korea inquired repeatedly, and reached the preliminary cooperation intention after carrying on the related physics and chemistry analysis of the Monascus colors, which samples were provided by us.
This participation, not only has promoted our company and products image, simultaneously also promoted the wide-ranging interflow and cooperation between the profession and market. In order to strengthen the technical collaboration, to develop the Monascus serial products and to improve the product quality, before the exhibition period, we made an appointment the Monascus related experts and professors gather to discuss and consult the Monascus related questions. Especially, they discussed the Monascus yellow because its Chinese national standard(i.e., GB code) has not yet fixed.
Through this exhibition, the face-to-face exchange between the expert, the professor, the customer and us was made in the very good progress. This will help us to arrive at our anticipated goal from now on.
                       Together with the Korean expert Mr. Hojin JEONG and the Chinese professor Mr. Liping ZHOU.
                     Together with the Korean expert Mr. Hojin JEONG and the Chinese professor Mrs. Shuxin ZHAO
                                   Discussing the Monascus yellow with the expert and the professor  
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