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Hearty congratulation on successful convening the signing ceremony of the Sino-Korea int’l cooperation agreement on Monascus R&D.
   Edit:   Click:3344  Date:2010-08-18 


           The Sino-K orean leaders, experts and representatives attended the signing ceremony.

In the morning of August 5, 2010, that is on the season of summer in full bloom of lotus flowers at Qiaotou town in Dongguan city, the Dongguan Tianyi Bioengineering Co., Ltd.(Tianyi) and the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine(KIOM) have held a signing ceremony of the agreement on Sino-Korea International Cooperation in R&D of Monascus, in order to develop various health foods and others by use of the Monascus and the fermented Chinese medicine as its raw materials.
Representatives attending the signing ceremony are: Mr. Jeong Hojin as the famous Monascus expert in Korea and as chairman for the Sino-Korea & Japan Society of Fermented Crude Medicine, Mr. Yan Jirong as deputy director for the Science and Technology Bureau of Dongguan City, Mr. Zhai Yaodong as mayor for the People’s Government of Qiaotou town, Mr. Guo Jun as vice president for the Guangzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Guangdong Academy of Sciences, Mr. Ma Cheon as director for the Strategy & Planning Department of KIOM, Mr. Ma Jinyeul as director for the Herbal Medicine Improvement Research Center of KIOM, and other famous experts and professors in China and Korea.
At the signing ceremony, Mr. Zhai Yaodong, Mr. Guo Jun and Mr. Yan Jirong made an important speech one by one on the international cooperation between China and Korea. They made the fully affirmed and highly appraised speech especially on the first international cooperation of enterprise-university-institute in science & technology R&D by Chinese and Korean parties, together with ardent hopes and blessings.

                                     The Reporter interviewed Professor Jeong Hojin as chairman for the
                                      Korea-China-Japan Society of Galenical Fermentation in Korea, and
                                      Dr. Ma Jinyeul as one of the member.
The KIOM is the only state-level institute for the oriental medicine in Korea, they have a high technology especially in R&D of the fermented crude medicine. The KIOM selected to conduct scientific and technological cooperation with the Tianyi, because they are the province-level science & technology private enterprise specialized in producing the functional Monascus and its natural pigments with a great production ability based on the best technology in the domestic fermentation industry.
The Korean experts visited the production on-site    The Korean experts watched the  products of natural multi-matching color series.
Mr. Hu Wenlin, general manger of the Tianyi, has introduced the company’s development history, future development plans and so on in detail. While he led the KIOM’s experts to visit their company’s on-site, R&D center, Monascus fermentation plant, extraction & powdering workshop, etc., through the detailed technical explanation of Mrs. Yang Xiaotun, technical director of their company, the Korean experts not only got a good impression on their cooperation partner, but also enhanced their confidence and sincerity for the bilateral friendly cooperation.

                               The Korean experts visited the Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Park.
And also, after the KIOM’s experts visited the Songshan Lake Hi-tech Park and the Guangdong Medical College Songshan Lake Branch, they understood their technology platform, scientific research team, research facilities and so on.
The scientific and technological cooperation between the Tianyi and the KIOM is another technological breakthrough of R&D to enable the enterprise to have a truly joint of enterprise-university-institute. It will help the enterprise to enhance the independent innovation capability, and to promote their product upgrading. It will play a significant role in promoting the Tianyi’s future R&D. This handinhand cooperation between two parties will build a platform of international scientific and technological cooperation for the future to extent the great application prospects of Monascus products, to promote the industrialization of R&D results, and thereby to lay a good foundation creating greater economic and social benefits.

                                       A group photo was taken by some of the Sino-Korean leaders and
                                         experts who  attended in the signing ceremony.

                                    A group photo was taken as a souvenir with the Korean experts.
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